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Black obesity

There are benefits to be had from a cultural based approach regarding Black obesity. The following diseases are prevalent in America and especially in the African American section of the population:

* Heart Disease
* Overweight
* Obesity
* Diabetes

In order to understand the choices in African American culture of lifestyle and its consequences a study was done of the following:

* Body Image
* Food Choice
* Exercise

This study is to give insight into the behavior, attitude and beliefs that are inherent in African American community life. Such information is invaluable in providing a caring attitude to the problem of Black obesity. The general attitude towards food and exercise in this particular community is wary. It may seem strange to an outsider due to the large number of outstanding athletes from this background.

Black obesity is more prevalent in this community than in any other ethnic community in America. So serious is this problem Americans are at risk of diabetes. African Americans are more susceptible to the complications of diabetes. Kidney complications, blindness and amputations are more likely to be experienced due to Black obesity causing diabetes.

It is believed the right approach towards Black obesity will assist in changing many attitudes towards food and exercise. If the cultural perspectives are understood the community is understood. The attitude of the community will help the individual who is struggling with Black obesity. As in any community in America, change in lifestyle, is vital in conquering the condition of overweight.

Black obesity highlights this particular issue in the African American community. However, the bottom line is the same as for all Americans. Obesity is a serious condition. So serious it can kill the individual. Any person regardless of cultural background must take immediate action. The objective of this action is to prolong life. The first step is to make an appointment with a health professional. Weight loss is a process that must be monitored.

All communities have to be educated regarding nutrition. Changes have to be made when choosing food. Some form of vigorous exercise must be undertaken to speed up metabolism. The exercise can be a brisk daily walk. Food consumed must follow a balanced eating plan. A nutritionist is an essential member of the health professional team combating Black obesity. It is true cultural attitudes must change. However, this problem is so widespread there is not much time left. Obesity is a life threatening condition.


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