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White pages people search

White pages is the traditional term for a telephone directory, listing people’s names and phone numbers. The term was originally coined to distinguish this directory from the ‘yellow pages’, which are still printed on yellow-colored paper. As the Internet has become a more dominant part in the life of the modern person, white pages directories have moved onto the Internet, allowing people to search for others on localized sites like and

Searching on the white pages is not as commonplace as it used be, with the advent of Google. If you need to find someone, whether on a whim or for something important, I would simply put the name into Google and trawl through the results. This is the more common way now of doing people search.

Another phenomenon that has challenged the presence of on-line white pages directories are social networking sites like and, which have changed the way people communicate and stay in touch. People now are more likely to look and stay in touch with those either immediately in their social circles or perhaps reconnecting with those they haven’t spoken of for years.

This does not mean that white pages and people searching through them is no longer possible. Those sites still exist and run as normal. The Internet is highly susceptible to fads and trends that ebb and tide in influence. Some tools, like e-mail and traditional on-line directories, will never completely become extinct as when trends die out, people will often return to more conventional ways to do people search or any other kind of search.

Common features of on-line white pages directories are the:
* ability to search for a business or an individual by postcode or location
* ability to search for e-mail addresses
* ability to search for a business and compare with other similar businesses

To compete in a rapidly changing environment, white pages on-line directories are becoming more than just people and business search tools. Sites like are tailoring their services to add a personal touch and invite people to use their tools in their daily lives. Examples include creating mailing lists and finding good moving companies when moving, and finding the best dealers when looking to buy a new car.

Personalizing services seems to be the way forward for any on-line directory today.


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