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Solar power tower

Solar power towers are on the rise. They were not built a few years back. The work on making solar power towers started in recent years. Solar power towers are an important and an effective way of capturing the suns heat and radiation in order to generate electricity for the common use. It can generate huge amounts of electricity for use by the common people and the government itself. This can have numerous advantages. The solar power tower was started in America only but today this project is wide spreading across the world and Europe in not far behind regarding this technology.

A solar power tower works pretty simple. Although the plant used to build a solar power tower and the size can be gigantic but it is not very difficult to understand how it works. Solar power tower is basically built by using photovoltaic tiles, high quality glass and sodium metal. The tower is built by using sodium as a metal. Sodium has a very useful feature. Its characteristics of consuming high amount of heat are very useful. The tower is a simple tower built with the sodium in its material. The height of the tower depends on the amount of electricity that is to be generated by the tower. The higher the tower the more electricity will it generate. The tower is surrounded by numerous blocks of glass like rectangular shaped photovoltaic tiles. They play a key role in generating the electricity. They basically attract the sunlight from the sun and reflect it towards the tower. They are placed in such an angle as to reflect the sunlight directly towards the tower. Since the tower is made up of sodium therefore it can be heated up to an astonishing amount of degrees. It can reach a temperature up to 3000 degrees. When the tower is hot the energy is stored in it and it can be used throughout the evening to supply electricity to the people.

Solar power towers require high costs to be built and they are not common because of this fact. But many governments are encouraging to make more solar power towers for their country. A solar power tower generates the finest form of energy which can be utilized by thousands of homes in order to run their electric equipments. It can support the street lights and a lot of other things. Solar power towers are here to stay and they will be increasing in regards to the quantity.

January 24, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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