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Solar power hot water heater

Heating water is somewhat a very risky and a very expensive process. Hot water heaters which use the normal electricity contain a large amount of current to be supplied to them. Therefore a better way of heating water was introduced. It is called solar power hotr water heater. Solar power hot water heating systems have gained massive popularity and they are the best for areas where there is no electricity or gas (e.g. mountains). They do not cost a lot of dollars and are available easily to each individual. Any average person can easily acquire the water heating systems.

It is estimated that in only northern Europe, this hot water technique provides about 25% of homes with the hot water. This is gaining more popularity in the African regions and other under develop countries which are far behind in technology. Thanks to the funds by big countries like America and Australia that these hot water heating systems are being installed in poor nations where electricity and natural gas is not available. Solar power hpot water heaters are spreading vigorously throughout the world and the governments in many countries are encouraging it citizen to use these hot water heaters.

A typical solar power hot water heater works pretty simply. It has a number of parts which builds up its complete mechanism. In order to heat the cold water a tank is placed on the roof or attached to the wall. The photovoltaic sheets and the glass are usually mounted in top of the roof in order to catch better sunrays and more sun radiations. When these sheets catch the radiation they are connected from the wire to the water heater. These glass looking photovoltaic blocks mounted on the roof provide current to be passed to the heater with the help of an inverter which converts the direct current into normal alternating current to be used for the heater. As this current passes to the water heater a motor is supplied inside the heater which heats the water inside the water tank. Once the water is heated it can then be passed on to either a reservoir for the hot water or can also be consumed directly from the tank. As soon as the water leaves the storage tank where it is being heated, more cold water flows in the heater to be warmed. A normal size solar power hot water heater is enough to support a family of 4.


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  1. Solar Hot Water Heating is becoming more recognized-which is good! Great benefits for both the environment and the owner of the system!

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    Comment by siliconsolar08 | May 6, 2008 | Reply

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