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Solar power for RV’s??s

Imagine your retirement criss-crossing the country limited only to destinations that offer utility hook ups or nearby gas stations. That is probably not the unlimited freedom you dreamed of when planning your golden years. Noisy generators vibrating away your peaceful thoughts and adversely affecting the beautiful places you visit. There is an alternative. Solar power for RV’s is a quiet, clean and easy to use renewable source of energy. Considering solar energy offers the freedom and ease it is not surprising that more and more people are outfitting their RV’s with the necessary equipment and traveling to less-traveled places.

Solar panels require very little maintenance as there are no moving parts. Most require a simple cleaning to keep them running efficiently and a yearly check. Batteries do require a little more maintenance than the panels, such as checking the water level every several months. Solar energy is very safe as well, reducing the chance of fire or electrocution in your RV. Most solar equipment is so reliable that manufacturers offer twenty-five year warranties and expect the life of the equipment to be thirty five years. Getting started with solar power for an RV is simple. The experimentation has been done by those before you and they are more than happy to share their lessons with you. If you spend time online, you will find hundreds of solar power users and their advice free for the taking. Most will share their failures and successes and their suggestions for you to convert to solar. Learning how many panels you will need and the different types of batteries to store unused energy will depend on your usage and needs. This venture will seem like a hobby for a while if you want to do it yourself but you can also hire a company to do the work for you and give you some training. In light of the savings on gas, low maintenance requirements, cleaner environment, and the peaceful quiet operation of solar power it should definitely be considered.

It is exciting to consider the limitless opportunities to tour unseen places without regard for hook ups or gas supplies. From the oceans to the mountains you will be free to roam and spend less money on gas all while doing your part for the environment. While getting started may seem daunting, once you jump in you will find a community of people to help and a worthwhile challenge for yourself.

January 24, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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