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Solar power cars

For long the researchers have been trying to investigate if it is possible to run a car with the help of solar power. When the solar power system was first invented it was only used to generate electricity. Another use was to illuminate the street and the house lamps. The use of the solar energy was regarded costly and highly technical. Only the government used and purchased these solar powered systems in start. With the advent of more technology the need to develop more products powered by the solar energy was felt. There were more items created which were operated by using solar energy. These included systems for normal household items which run on electricity.

From swimming pool pumping systems to internal house lights, all these were operated with the help of solar power. The green peace groups have always been opposing against the pollution and damaged caused to the environment by the use of different pollution making products. Cars have always been though of as a pollution generating product and especially those which are run on diesel. It was this factor and the factor that these cars are run on petrol and the world is getting short of the oil and the prices of gasoline are always increasing, which led to the invention of a very unusual and a very fascinating product. Scientists were pushed to develop a car more environment friendly and less costly in terms of the running expenses.

Therefore in late 90’s solar powered cars were developed. They became popular in some countries but still are not used as a very common way of transport. The reason is their cost and some other factors involved. They are designed with the use of sodium metal in their body which absorbs heat in order to charge the battery and give the car current to travel. It runs on a solar powered battery and can reach a speed up to 50 kilometers an hour. They don’t use any petrol or any other duel to travel. They are wholly dependent on the solar powered battery for running. They can accommodate not more than two persons but usually it is one. Scientists are working on more ways to make these cars better and more users friendly. It is expected that in next 10 years there will be more solar cars invented which will be in the reach of an average individual and they will be more common among the normal people.

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