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Residential solar power

It is not necessary for you to understand the physics of how a residential solar power system runs in order to understand its appeal. Investment in a solar power system will allow you to produce electricity with no air pollution, no moving parts and no noise while all the while reducing your carbon output into the world.

Solar technology turns sunlight into electricity. It will work when the sun is shining, but you will get more output on a sunnier day or when the sun is directly striking the panels. With the current technology, solar panels produce about 10 watts per square foot when your panels are placed on your roof. If you remain tied to the utility grid, you can use electricity intermittently when the sun is not shining or your power usage needs increase. Many utility companies will purchase excess power from you at lower prices than they sell it for but it is still a smart way to recoup some costs. Also it offers clean renewable energy into the system for your neighbors to use. This is an exciting prospect for those looking to do their part to help the environment. Even if your purpose is not to help the environment there are other reasons to consider residential solar power. The freedom of not being as affected by rate hikes and the possible up tick in the market value of your home. Deciding whether to make the switch to solar should depend on many factors such as: What is the weather like? Is your roof shaded by buildings or trees that will affect the amount of sun to your panels? If you are not sure if solar is for you there are consulting companies and online organizations that will help you find the answers. Most solar users are passionate about their choice and would like nothing better than to spread the word. You can get detailed information online about the money and labor involved on hundreds of websites. Visit your local library for books on the topic to help you make this important decision. Just remember, you are not alone. The solar movement is growing and technologies are evolving everyday, so do not be afraid to reach out for help. Solar users know what works and doesnt so take full advantage of their failures and successes. Find a company with decent prices, a good record and longevity. Solar technology is usually covered by warranty so find companies that will be around for awhile.


January 24, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power

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