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Portable solar power

Finding portable solar power units is a breeze nowadays. It’s the perfect solution for campers, backpackers, photographers or hikers who will not be near electrical outlets but need to charge their electronic devices. These portable units can charge cameras, cell phones, lights or GPS devices, to name a few. These portable solar power packs can be a vital addition to a car or home emergency/first aid kit as well.

Portable solar power units use photovoltaic cells which produce electricity when exposed to light. Solar panels employ two layers made of different materials and when one of the layers becomes positively charged the other produces a negative charge. This process produces an electric current. The amount of electricity produced depends on the number of solar panels used, how much sunlight it is exposed to and whether there are any obstructions like, dust or clouds. As solar technology advances we can all expect bigger and better production but for now it is important to understand that a small panel will only charge a small electric device. A larger panel will give you more power and connecting multiple panels will give you enough electricity to run larger items. There are many items available such lights and radios with built in solar panels. Some popular items are outdoor lighting that store up energy throughout the day to run the light in the evening or solar fountains that run throughout the day purely on solar power. The advantage to these is you never have to remember to turn them off or on. Depending on your needs, spending some time online researching products and product reviews can help you narrow down your decision on which brand to purchase. One of the most innovative, exciting products on the market today is the solar backpack. Wearing this while hiking or on campus allows you to keep your electric devices charged while going through your day. There are attractive handbags available for women that offer the same perks as the solar backpack also. Some companies are even experimenting with solar panels in clothing. Imagine the innovations that could be coming our way in the future.

It is exciting to think that we are not tied down to towns or buildings that offer electricity. You really can explore the wide-open spaces on our planet with the freedom portable solar power offers. Keep an eye on this industry and you will not be disappointed.


January 24, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Solar Power


  1. cool blog!!! I like this one and . I love all the solar issues. Keep up the great work our planet deserves it. It’s been great to us and let’s be great to it. It’s everybodies duty to chip in and help mother earth. Alternitive energy is the least we can.

    Comment by frank | June 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. Many thx for your comments.

    Comment by larry50 | June 11, 2008 | Reply

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