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People search results

People search results usually come in the form of relevant information as associated with the person’s name, business name, address or phone number. Most people search sites act as a mere search engine, people search results will give you information that are available to the public domain, information you are apt to find if you do the research yourself. The difference is that these sites do the hard work for you and will lay down the information you need in a simplified and more organized manner.

To discuss in detail, people search results come in a variety of forms. The list includes the person’s phone number and address, property information, financial information, criminal information, local information, professional information, research information, and other miscellaneous information.

People search results included in the criminal information will give you records from both federal and state prisons. This is a good way of finding out if the person has a criminal record. Professional information will give you the person’s professional history, patent records, attorney license search and the like. You also get a peak at the person’s locality, or what the nearby schools are like, condition of the environment, or who are making the local political contributions as provided by the local information. The research information will tell you about any article the person may have written, or if he or she has been mentioned in websites or in the news. You also get miscellaneous information such as death dates and birth dates, or ownership/property registrations.

For the property and financial information, a people search website simply links you to relevant sites. Property information will give you real estate sales, census data, household Presidential campaign contributions, and the Google satellite map. The financial public records, as provided by the people search results on financial information, will link you to UCC filings.

Many people search sites provide their services for free. But you will have to pay if you need more detailed information, a background check for example. These sites do not generate the information themselves; they simply tap already available resources through phone listings, real property records, court records, subscriptions, etc. Resources vary across states and regions.

There are people search sites that do generate the information themselves. They gather, compile and organize public information. This is actually a common practice in the United States and is totally legal. As a matter of fact, they serve basis to the 2 billion dollar information industry in the US.


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