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Home solar power

When solar power was invented, it had very limited uses and was thought to be useful for bigger industries or government only. The most common use of solar power back then was among the solar powered calculators only. Other then the calculators it was used by the government on few projects. The size of the equipment and the cost involved in acquiring a solar power system was very high and was out of the reach of an average individual. It was either seen in the calculators or on remote highways for the use of telephones. In last few decades the solar power was regarded as an important and a very vital source of energy.

After a while the solar energy started to become part of the normal households. Solar power systems costing not a lot of dollars and smaller in size were introduced for the house. Today there are numerous solar powered systems found in many homes across the United States. Today the most common use of solar energy in homes is the solar power lights. There are solar power lamps (light bulbs specially made to be compatible with solar power) which are found in many homes. They don’t cost a lot of dollars to be installed and are easy to use and deal with. They are made with such specification as to provide the best and the longest possible solar energy by using the radiation from sun. a rectangular wall is placed on top of the roof where no object is to stop the direct sun rays falling on the surface of that wall. The surface of the wall is basically very shiny steel like material which absorbs the sun’s heat and radiation and stores it to charge the battery. The battery supports the light bulbs connected to the system and turns them on once you turn on the switch.

There are many other uses of solar power system in the homes. A very important and the most useful function of a solar power system for the home is its function of water heating. There is solar powered water heating systems used in many homes today. This is not a very costly thing and is best for the places where there is no natural gas or electricity. This works the same way like other solar powered systems. It uses a shiny wall to absorb the sun’s radiation and then store it to charge the battery.

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