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Google people search

Every child, person or an individual who gets on the internet for the first time knows the most popular website of the internet. Google! This started as a research project by two students of the Stanford University. It all started in January 1996 when two students named Larry page and Sergey brin started a university project to build a search engine for picking up data through various sites. It was initially nicknamed “back rub”. Originally the search engine used the official site of Stanford University as its webpage. The address was this was later changed to It was later registered in 1997. The initial investment was $100,000 check by Andy bechtolsheim, founder of the sun micro system.

After this Google spread enormously. It growth was seen as an amazing factor. The company has now 13,748 full time employs working for it. Every person using the internet today knows about the Google. Google is known as the most powerful and reliable search engine. Whatever thing you want to search you can simply type it in the Google address bar and results will be provided to you in just few seconds. Google searches through thousands of millions of domains in just few seconds. The accuracy is great and very reliable. Since its arrival Google has been providing its service to every single individual using the internet. It is estimated that all the people who use internet, know about Google and have used it more then 5 times in their life.

Goggle people search is a very important, easy and a reliable tool for searching people on the internet. It is the simplest of all search engines invented so far. Google is the pioneer of all search engines and also the most popular and the most reliable one. You can simply type the name of the person you want to search on the internet. Google will search that name from all the major sites of the internet and provide you with results in just few second. The order in which the results are displayed is according to their reliability. The first ten results are the most similar ones.

Searching people by using Google is a very easy task and has become the most popular one. Any person can use this service free of cost. Google has always been concentrating on providing free services to the internet users. Next time you want to search your old friend, simple go to and type his name.


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