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Photoshop textures

Photoshop textures are additions that you can add to images in order to create the feel or look up other objects in often 3-D perspective. Examples of Photoshop textures are the wooden wall texture, gunshot metal texture, natural stone texture and the water texture.

These are created through the use of a variety of techniques and tools. The main purpose of Photoshop textures is to add dimension and depth to a particular part or all of an image. Photoshop textures are also known as patterns. They can be used as backdrops or even as the images themselves depending on the intended use and outcome of the particular image. Photoshop can even be used to create textures through the use of filters and other tools, which come standard within the program. This comes in especially handy when the texture you as the user are looking for cannot be found within the standards provided by Photoshop and a third party developer search leaves you empty handed. If you are interested in creating your own Photoshop textures there are a number of literature resources and online tutorials to help you in learning how to manipulate Photoshop tools in the creation of Photoshop textures. Learning how to create textures is also an essential part of any of the Photoshop courses that are available through schools. Checking with the local community college, trade school, university or online training center can set you on your way to learning how to create Photoshop textures. A quick web search will also bring up a wide variety of tutorial formats to suit any learning style.

It is important to remember that the use of Photoshop textures is to create dimension within a particular image, image set or in part of an image. This adds depth and a sense of realism to digital rendered imagery and can be a great asset when it comes to laying realistic three dimensional items within an image or when making a three dimensional image. There are literally thousands of possibilities when it comes to the use of Photoshop textures in images. Have some fun and experiment on images by applying various texture and texture combination in order to see what happens when the image is rendered with the additional features. Whether you are going for serious and professional or wacky and weird textures can help you achieve the look you are looking for.


January 23, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Photoshop

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