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Photoshop art

With the invention of the computer and then the creation of digital photography and digital image manipulation a completely new world of artistic expression was born. Photoshop art are the images created through the use of the tools, brushes, and techniques within Photoshop to create new, interesting and unique works of art, which may never touch or have ever been touched in a non-digital format.

Photoshop art falls into the category of digital art and can sometimes be placed in the category of pop art. Digitally rendered art is usually vibrant, with smooth colors and is the prefect medium for creating realistic 3-d fantasy images. Photoshop art can be anything from true artistic imagery to the images found in logos and other business application images or Photoshop are to be nothing more than the manipulation of photographs into a family collage or scrapbook format. In these modern times, digitally rendered art has become as accepted as a classical forms of painting and sculpture. The ability to turn digitally rendered art into a wide variety of mediums makes it a popular choice is a beginning medium for modern artists or an additional medium for more traditional artists.

Another area that Photoshop art and digital art has enhanced is the world of graphic novels and animation these computer-generated artistic images can reduce the amount of time spent in repetitive drawing or the time spent in various aspects of the animation process.

The use of image manipulation software to take sketched art or to render drawn aren’t into smoother and more artistically pleasing forms has been one of the stepping stones to the popularity of digital and Photoshop art. There are a wide variety of programs, which can be used to render digital art.

However, for the most part, and in most applications Photoshop is the broadest of these programs Other programs for use in digitally created art have a tendency to be created for specific types or genres within the digital art community. These other programs such as Bryce can be complex, specific programs and may be better suited for specialized forms of digital art. If you are looking to get into the digital art world A good place to start is with Photoshop it provides the majority if not all of the basics necessary to create good Photoshop art and good digitally rendered art.


January 23, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Photoshop

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  1. so, if im relatively new to art on the computer and have only used MSpaint or GIMP, i should get photoshop?

    Comment by Rogue | December 15, 2008 | Reply

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