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National health care

Health care is a concern of all the nations of the world. According to all major surveys, a majority of the people do not, even today, have access to the basic health care facilities which they should be provided. The lack of basic health care facilities has been further aggravated by the number of health care issues that have come up and are continuing to come up over the periods of time. These issues may be related to health care, health care costs and other forms of health care. Whatever be the form of problem, the health care systems should ensure that a great solution to the problem of heath care is provided to one and all. It should be a concern of the governments of various countries to provide the basic health care facilities to till its citizens. Governments should play major roles in giving the benefits of all the health care systems to all its employees through the various national health care programs that it has to offer. In the course of the different national health care programs, a government should ensure that the benefits of all the different health care systems should flow to the last section of the society, the poor and the needy, which have a great need for the same. Only this can ensure effective use of the national health care programs and provision of the benefits to the people who need it the most.

Of all the major national health care programs in force, a majority focus on provision of basic health care to the people. Thus it is evident that a program of national health care is still in infancy stages and has not yet gone beyond the provision of basic health care facilities to the people. The provision of these facilities involves major costs. This is because these facilities have to be provided to all the population of the country and hence should be at a larger scale. The other advanced health care facilities need not be provided at such a large scale and hence do not entail these huge costs. However, costs in an advanced national health care program are escalated on the basis of the equipment to be used in providing these health care facilities to the people of the country. These facilities are the ones which are needed by a relative fe and hence the governments would do better to have a look and decide the population to which these facilities are to be provided before actually providing these facilities.


January 23, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Health Care

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