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Medicare forms

As you may already know there is not a program out there that does not require you to fill out some sort of form. If you are signing up for Medicare you are going to need to fill out a form. If you look at the Medicare forms that are listed on their website you are going to find that there is more than one form listed. With Medicare there is a form for everything; within this article you are going to learn all about Medicare forms. We bet after you read this article you are not going to walk away not knowing about Medicare forms.

First lets start with the CMS-1500 form, this is the standard claim form that is used by a non-institutional provider or a supplier in order to bill the Medicare carriers and durable medical equipment regional carriers if a provider is found to qualify for a waiver from the Administrative Simplification Compliance Act . This is also use in order to bill for some of the Medicaid State Agencies.

The only claim forms that are accepted are those that are printed in Flint Red, J6983 ink. You will not be able to submit photocopied claims so do not even try to. Most of those paper claims that are sent to carriers and DMERCs are being scanned by using Optical character recognition technology. This scanning technology will allow the data contents that are contained in the form to be read while the actual form fields, headings, and lines will remain invisible to the scanner. The photocopies cannot be scanned, hence the reason you should not send them.?
Next we will discuss the CMS-1450 that is also called the UB-92 At present, this form can be used by the institutional provider in order to bill the Medicare fiscal intermediary whenever a provider qualifies for a waiver from the ASCA requirements for electronic submission of claims. This form will also be used for the billing of institutional charge to almost all of the Medicaid State Agencies.

The last form we are going to discuss in this article is called the Medical release form, this is a form that you have to fill out to gain access to someone protected health information. It is a good thing that we have to fill out this form because if we didn’t, could you imagine the type of people that could gain access to all of our medical information?


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