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Medicare benefits

First off, before we continue forward into this article we need to know what Medicare is. Medicare is actually a health insurance for those that are sixty five years of age or older, some of the disable people that are under the age of seventy five and the individuals that have end-stage renal disease. Now that you know just what Medicare is and who qualifies, lets get to know more about the Medicare benefits.

Lets start talking about the different parts of Medicare; there are four parts to it. Part A which is hospital, most individuals will automatically get part A coverage without having to give money for a monthly premium. This is because their spouses, or themselves, paid Medicare taxes while they were working.

Now we have part B which is medical and most individuals must pay a monthly premium just to have Part B. Next is part C, which is Medicare Advantage Plans like HMOs and PPOs. With part C the plans include part A and Part B coverage as well. Most even include the Medicare prescription drug coverage which comes in handy and knocks quite a bit of money off of the price of your prescription drugs.

Lets face it, most all elderly people require some type of prescription medicine every month and this is one way to make it cheaper. With part C you will be paying a monthly premium for your health and also your prescription drug coverage. The last of the four plans is part D. With the part D plan you may also have to pay a monthly premium as well.

When it comes to Medicare if you need a little extra help paying for your Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage because you have very little income and resources, you may also be able to qualify for some extra help with paying for your prescription medicine costs. If you find that you qualify, you will find that you will have help with paying for your drug plan’s monthly premium, prescription co-payments and also your yearly deductible. The amount of extra help you can get is based on how much money you make during the year.

If you need a cane you will find that Medicare actually covers cans along with crutches as well, unless you are blind because Medicare does not cover canes for the blind. Medicare is also able to cover comprehensive programs that have exercise included, education, and also counseling for patients but your doctor has to refer you first, also you have to have had a heart attack in the last twelve months, bypass surgery, had a heart valve repair or replacement, etc.


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