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Medicare advantage plans

Do you plan on joining an advantage plan? There are many good things to come when you join the Medicare advantage plan. This Medicare advantage plan covers everything being its HMOs, PPO, and Private fee-for-service plans. Also covers Medicare special need plans, which is a very good thing for the elderly.

This coverage provides the person over 65 an insurance card to give the hospitals. It’s like a discount card in a way but you pay for it. It has all your information that you need to process. What plans you pick you usually have a co pay for visits to even not paying anything at. That’s if you pick the right plan. For the Medicare advantage plan you don’t have no deductible or any co payments. There is another spectacular reason to get this plan there is no shared cost on medical it’s all paid. People might have to spend more on this plan but works well if you have not much money to pay on medical.

The price for the advantage plan is going to be more expensive then most insurance. This is for people that need the medical and have many problems with medical. So this advantage is better for those types of people that have the need for this type of medical. It’s nice to go to the doctor and not have to pay for the co pay or to have expensive to worry about.

The medigap is not going to work if you have the Medicare advantage plan. The advantage plan covers everything that the medigap does. Remember you only qualify if you are the ages 65 or older. People are always looking for better so this is one that is better. Being you don’t have co payments is nice because of the visits. Never know you might go to 5 visits a month that’s a lot of money down the drain. People have other bills especially for the senior citizens. Might be paying more in the long run but in actuality you are cutting down with cost on a lot of stuff.

If you wanted to go for this advantage plan you should make sure it’s worth it for you meaning that if you go to the doctors a lot. If you go have surgery a lot you should go for it too. Now if you go sign up for the advantage plans make sure you do it during open enrollment for the following year.


January 23, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Medicare

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