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Health care proxy

Do you know what a proxy is? Basically, a proxy is a function, agency or even power of a person that will be authorized to act as the substitute for another, this means that the appointed individual will be in charge over someone else.

When you are talking about a health care proxy you should know that it is a legal document and before signing this document, as with anything you sign, you should read, re-read and fully understand what you are signing.

When it comes to signing a health care proxy form you should know that the person you choose will be the one person that will have the authority to make all of your health care decisions for you when you are not able to. A health care proxy gives the said individuals the right to remove any type of life-sustaining treatment, unless of course you say otherwise somewhere in this form.

When we talk about health care this means any treatment, procedure or service that is being used for your mental of physical condition. Unless the said person within your health care proxy actually knows your wishes about the nourishment and water that is provided by a intravenous line or feeding tube the said individual in your health care proxy will not be allowed to consent or refuse to those measures for you.

Are you wondering when the agent (the chosen person in your health care proxy) will begin to make the decision for you? Your agent will start making your decisions when your doctor makes proper judgment and states that you will not be able to make any health care choices for yourself. On this health care proxy form you are even able to write some examples of the types of treatments that you do not desire and those treatments that you would like to receive. Your agent must follow the instructions that you have written on this health care proxy form.

The good thing about the health care proxy is that you can feel it out without having to have a lawyer present. If you are wondering who you can choose to put on your health care proxy, you may be pleased to know that you can choose any adult that is 18 years old or older, this means that you will be able to choose a close friend or family member. If you choose to select a doctor as your agent, your doctor will be the one that will have to choose between acting as your agent or your doctor because the truth is that a doctor cannot do both at the same time.

Remember, as you are filling out that health care proxy, you should pay close attention to the one that you choose as your agent. The one person you choose to act as your proxy should be the one that you trust with your life.


January 23, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Health Care

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