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Searching bloggers

The internet is an information super highway or gateway whichever term you prefer using. The best part about it is that the information is often toll free, rarely will you come across something that requires your Visa card not counting adult sites and service oriented sites, like deliveries, shopping sites etc. blogging is now know and familiar to everyone, even grandparents blog, politicians blog, clowns, actors, performers, athletes, priests , anyone can blog. Blogging has no restrictions at the moment there are no rules or laws that state that you cannot blog about a certain topic. If you want to blog about hairy asses, you can. If you plan to blog as your dog and his supposed point of view, you can. The point is blogging at the moment is the ultimate freedom of speech and expression.

Before the existence of blogs, bloggers or blogospheres, search engines are about the first known internet tool to be highly used. Search engines provide a person with any needed information; it can come as close as entirely accurate or something so remote its flying out of the left field and into the next ball park. Search engines are a plenty, that there is a given fact. They may not always be 100% accurate but they are however capable of delivering some results. Since blogging is now widespread like germs, one only needs to type in an area of interest in his or her favorite search engine, something like Google or Yahoo or MSN, Ask Jeeves, etc., etc. one can find a blog over such search engines which will show you the top blog pertaining to that certain area of interest.

The hardcore internet nerd, geek or expert will go through the search using a different method. That is via web surfing, this can be a trial and error method or it can simply be one than involves a lot of extra time and not to mention luck. Most web surfers have developed their own methods in finding interesting sites. Because of technology browsers have developed an easier way of web surfing. The use of such features like Stumbleupon or communities like Del.icious can easily provide a surfer with blogs that fit their fancy. Yes even hairy asses. Simply put, blogging is know well known and widely accepted and used that it is pretty impossible for a person to have difficulty in finding a blog or blogs. The key is perseverance, patience and a good amount of link clicking.


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