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Military bloggers

Blogging is one of the best outlets of expression; it doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a dog food company, a drunkard a bum, a teacher, student, hobbyist or even a soldier. Soldiers are not always at war on the battlefield they do get to have some time for personal stuff. And for most soldiers that would mean, doing their laundry, shooting hoops with fellow soldiers, working out, phoning home, emailing or blogging. Yes everyone can blog, no one is restricted from blogging, and hence soldiers spend a great deal of their free time blogging. One thing you will not find on a military blog is actual war strategies or tactics available for public scrutiny or discussion. In fact no military personnel would dare blog about something as valuable. Doing so will obviously give the enemy a blow by blow account on your attack strategy. Besides it’s unlikely for somebody to be that dumb and post an entry with such valuable information.

Anyway going back to military bloggers, what would they most likely blog about? The History Channel has recently delved into the matter. They have gone and documented the most inspiring blogs published by soldiers who are currently in the frontlines. The documentary tells about first hand experience of soldiers, they give in depth views of military blogs. Their battle experiences, stories about friendship, camaraderie, the people they meet along the way. They talk about their families, whom they miss the most; they talk about their old friends, they even talk about their pets and generally the lives they had left behind. These military blogs are far from the macho testosterone filled locker room stories, they are tales that soldiers wish to share while they still have time, while they are still able to do it. In a sense military blogs especially the ones done by the soldiers who are sent to the frontlines are done so that they have a legacy left behind. It is their way to let the world know what is going on, what has happened and what could happen if war issues go unresolved. Military blogs offer up close insights on the military life whether it is in training camp, the military base or in the frontlines. Military blogs allow civilian a closer glimpse into the trials, tribulations and triumphs that is part of being in the military and part of providing service for their people.


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