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Library automation

If you have been to the library recently then you will have notices that you no longer have to look through the index cards to find a book to check out. There are computers located throughout most libraries to assist you with finding the book you desire. You can do a search of the surrounding libraries as well if your book is not at the one you want.

Checking out a library book it totally different then what is was years ago. Once you have picked out the books that you want you can then proceed to the check out where they now scan your library card then scan the books. You no longer have to get a card placed in each book that has the date due stamped on it. You simply get a receipt with the book titles on it and their due dates.

Libraries have certainly come along way with the automation. Libraries have always been high on the paper they use but with new systems in place this is no longer a problem. Libraries have to be precise when they loan a book. They need to know who has it and when it will be returned. It is not acceptable to make mistakes in this area and their automated systems help this procedure be as precise as possible.

They need to know how many copies that they have of every title and exactly where they are and when they will be back. The new systems allow them to electronically keep track of all of these little details making the library run more efficiently.

There are three main reasons that libraries need to be automated.
* The first being for record keeping purposes. The records that are kept with a library are tedious, repetitive and mechanical in nature and that is why it is important to automate such a process with computers and this saves both time and money.
* The second being cost effective for accuracy. With more and more libraries getting automated it leaves little room for human error so people are finding that the libraries are much more streamlined.
* The third reason for automation is that it can allow the staff to easily locate information right from their desk without having to go to a different department to search for the information.

Libraries have certainly come along way since times before. A trip to the library now is both quick and informative. You can get in, get what you want and get out. There is still the option to spend leisurely time at the library reading your favorite books, in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere.

January 21, 2008 - Posted by | Automation, Blogroll

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