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Customer service automation

If you do any type of shopping online or in stores that you no doubt have noticed that customer service automation is on the rise. More and more companies are automating their customer service departments to run more efficiently and to handle higher call volumes.

When you call into a company to speak with their customer service department, chances are you will go directly to a self help customer support system. This will allow you to make choices over the phone as to what your problem or concern is. After a series of questions and troubleshooting with the automated system you can then be transferred to a real person. Many companies have found that this has cut their calls down considerably.

Many times when a person calls into the customer service department of a business it is because they are having trouble with an item that was purchased. Many times all it takes is educating the customer about the product that they purchased. This helps the customer better understand how to work the product and saves them the time of having to try to explain he situation to a real person. Many customers find this a blessing and it saves them time as well as they do not have to wait on hold to resolve their issue.

The cable company even offers over the phone automated trouble shooting from their customer service department when it comes to resetting your cable box. The automated system can even reboot the system for you and it walks you through the entire process. All without having to talk to a real person. Now the customer service department is still there should you need them but with automated systems such as these, it helps to cut down on the calls that can easily be handled with some simple instructions.

Many of the customer service departments run on automated systems that are installed right on the reps desktop of his or her computer. They simply have to type in the issue that the customer is having and then the answers pop right up for them to read off to the customer. This not only saves the rep a great deal of time it also saved the company a great deal of money as they do not have to train as much for their new reps to get started. All the information and tool that they need is right at their fingertips. Customer Service Automation is changing they way we all experience customer service departments.

January 21, 2008 - Posted by | Automation, Blogroll

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