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Celebrity bloggers

Online Diaries – also know known, as Blogs or Webblogs are the best things that happened to the economy of the world, in the past ten years or so. You must thinking I am crazy writing this, but really, Britney Spears’ opinion on the Sub Prime loan fiasco, could raise or drop the market points. Why? Simply because, normal people like you and me are interested in what Britney Spears has to say about it. Imagine, Her blogs about the economy of the country, brokers would have a field day. Don’t get me wrong this is not about any countries economy, but its about the most gratifying feeling, any human being has after he or she tells his or her story.

How? Well, using Blogs. Blogs are tools that help share our day-to-day lives with people around us. And with more and more celebrity bloggers using blogs and blogging, blogs promise to offer the everyday experience of stars from all walks of life, at our fingertips. This potentiality of blogs, is being used world wide by rooted main stream media based companies like CNBC, CNN and so on. So much so that, people today log on to blogs created by celebrity bloggers and read their dinner experiences, parties these guys are gonna be at, sunsets, the usual quotidian experience.

At the risk of rephrasing the old phrase of ‘one mans trash, is another mans treasure’; ‘one celebritiy blogger’s quotidian experience is another mans dreams’. Even though, these day to day events of celebrity bloggers might be inane, I mean no celebrity blogger ever faces a situation where in he or she has to, under normal circumstances, disarm a nuclear bomb and save the world.

Even those uneventful blogs, bogged down by celebrity bloggers are quite the general populations’ eye catchers, and this may be the sole reason for biggies like Coke, Durex and other companies to buy advertising space on such blogs. A very good example would be, to quote from Shatners Blog “We are preparing for our yearly charitable paintballing event”. Being an advent celebrity blog reader, I find myself in a fix, I mean, Sure I have to look for scoop, but What I have found out reading these blogs is that most of them are inane and mundane, and these are no different then our day to day life, citing another example from Britney Spears blog, where she squabbles over the fact that she needs to “potty train” the dogs so they don’t spoil her white carpets, I mean, if I had dogs and white carpets, I obliviously would need to do something about that, but still she had close to one million hits on her blog the first two weeks itself. No wonder, Media Channels are paying millions and millions of dollars to buy out advertising space on such blogs.


January 21, 2008 - Posted by | Blogger, Blogroll

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