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Bloggers guide to using news photos

Bloggers everywhere use different media additions or resources to their entries whether it be a private post or a public one. The most common addition to a blog post or blog entry is a photo. The common mistake done with these additional resources would be the failure to credit the source. Any source for the matter should be given proper credit. Cyberspace is now rule by the Creative Commons Law or the Creative Commons License that is typically found in connection to photos. Creative Commons is generally a non profit organization whose goal is to make certain that legal rights are kept and upheld especially over the wide expanse that is known as the internet. Creative Commons allows copyright owners some freedom to manipulate certain licenses, rights and restrictions on certain works that are displayed over the internet and are available to the public.

Not everyone on the internet is a thief; most people even kids are unaware of the rights they violate by using images, text, data or any other resource from another individual without that persons consent or permission. This concept is similar to an act of plagiarism or piracy. Bloggers must be constantly aware of their rights as well as the rights of others around them especially over the internet.

There is no known manual or user guide published at the moment pertaining to how bloggers are to conduct themselves in cyberspace especially with the availability of various resources. Below is a short unofficial list or guidelines a blogger must be aware of regarding the use of various media resources especially of news photos.

When using other people’s work, check for any available info regarding its usage. Did the owner state specific requirements regarding the use of their work? If there is nothing stated look for this person or this company’s contact information, email them. Ask permission, it is better to ask now that receive complaints about it later from its original owner. When adding words of wisdom or another person’s exact word per word though, quote them, this shows your respect for their work and your good intentions of merely using their thought and not claiming it as your own. The same is to be said with news photos, look for the publisher, photographer or the original owner, if there isn’t any available contact information again quote them for their work. Give credit where it is due.


January 21, 2008 - Posted by | Blogger, Blogroll

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