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Automation and aircraft accidents

There are reports from news, media, comments as well as some other sources that say there are so far 34 accidents that have occurred due to automation issues. About twenty of those accidents were reported from NTSB (National Transport Safety Boards) while the rest of the information came from other national agencies that also conducted investigations. While looking for statements, these reports were reviewed and identified with automation and aircraft accidents issues. These reports are not as new as many hoped they will be, so the number of automation and aircraft accidents may have increased since then.

The strength that was assigned to the certain statements of the accidents was identified as partial evidence in reports and was based on the closeness of the reports from the investigating board and from the other issuers. A few of the statements stated that some of the accidents had nothing to do with automation, while other had a little bit of “something” to do with automation, meaning that there was more than one reason for the accident, and 34 of the accidents occurs directly because of some automation complications. However, all 34 accidents weren’t from the same reason of automation, there is different reason the accidents occurred, but all 34 were related in some way to automation.

Many people will say that the automation and aircraft accidents had nothing to do with automation at all, but there are in fact many sources that offer the public evidence to back up their theories. It might be difficult for some to believe, but the evidence is there and can be proved. When there is proof, there is no way for anyone to get away with something if a tragedy has occurred and they are “to blame”. The person held responsible for the accident should be approached and investigated about the whole situation or else it will just happen again and again. It might not have been done on purpose, but when something like that happens more than once, there is more than enough reason to start investigating.

People might be highly experienced in certain areas but automation and aircraft accidents are not myth and do exist, meaning that it is unfortunate for the loss of people and aircrafts for a stupid mistake or an unwillingness to take certain work situations seriously. Only when people’s lives are involved and future lives are possibly in danger, is when eyes will open and by then it is too late to fix the issue.

January 21, 2008 - Posted by | Automation, Blogroll

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