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Aol automation

The AOL phone lines are normally overloaded and cause a lot of chaos and frustration amongst members but know that there is AOL automation available and you can do something about the frustrations and annoyance of having to use phone lines when millions of other people are using them. You won’t even know that anyone else is on the same service as you as there will be no more delays in the lines and you will be able to get through as quickly as you never could before. There are certain times of the year when the AOL automation lines become even more crowded and this is normally over the Christmas and New Year time when thousands more people join so they can also be part and take advantage of the offers AOL has to offer.

The most annoying part of the whole AOL automation procedure was when new users signed up to the service and they had to run a setup procedure so that they could get started and the software can identify the local access numbers would try to call. All this procedure consisted of was a quick and simple call to an 800 number and you will be all setup and could start the fun with everyone else. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds as when the new users tried to make that quick and simple call, millions of others were doing the same thing therefore the lines were blocked and not everyone could get through at that certain time.

Even though AOL automation is cool and cheap, providing it gives you twenty-four hours a day access to the internet, it can also be a hassle and a waste of time, not to mention money. What most people seemed to be doing when they realized what was going on, is used that money for another service similar to AOL. Sure, they might not get all the same benefits and freebies but at least they will be getting something for the money they pay. Sometimes you might have to spend a bit more if you want something appropriate, but rather spend more on something that you know is going to work, then spending a little amount on something that is going to be a complete waste of your time.

AOL automation is a popular service that is used by millions of people. There are ways in which one can get around the annoyance of the waiting period, but finding another service to use is also an option.


January 21, 2008 - Posted by | Automation, Blogroll

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