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Top bloggers

In the blogging scene, the top bloggers delve with up to date entries, it could be tech related, gossip related, personal lifestyle, special features, so on and so forth. For those who are unfamiliar with the term a blogger is someone who owns a blog or posts entries on a blog. Going farther to explain a blog is a website, more relatively known as an online journal. Entries are posted in reversed chronological order, showing the most recent post at the top of the page or on the first page. Blogs may carry various subject matters or area of interests. There are not blog restrictions. Anybody can blog; blog about anything for the matter. Blogs are the biggest forms of freedom of speech and expression. Blogs can come in different formats, it can be your typically written entry, it can be done via video, photo or the latest addition via podcast. Video blogs are mainly footages of the blogger or of what the blogger wants to discuss or express. Photo blogs are photo documentations that can be accompanied by some text or can merely be a compilation of photos that clearly depict an event or events. Podcats are taped or aired broadcasts, it is basically a voice recording done by the blogger or author of the blog.

A site called Technorati is now available to help bloggers boost their blog ratings or statistics; it also showcases the top blogs in an area or in a bigger landscape like say the entire world. Nowadays the top bloggers are tapped by big companies like Amazon or Ebay, what happens is that these companies offer to pay the bloggers in exchange for allowing them to advertise on the specific blog. Top bloggers can be popular in their own chosen field or are top bloggers in a general sense because of the amount of traffic their site generates. In cyberspace traffic refers to the amount of visitors a site gets whether it is old visitors or new ones. Statistical tools also available online can be used to help track down the amount or direction of traffic in a page. Gossip blogs aside from tech related blogs are popular blogs. They give up to date, fresher than the press inside scoop on the latest things. Top bloggers can also be called as one by the amount of profit their blog produces, some money making blogs are accidental some are intentional. The key to a top blog, find a niche to fill.


January 18, 2008 - Posted by | Blogger, Blogroll

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