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Pharmacy automation

Going to the pharmacy is generally a quick in and out trip. More and more pharmacies have become automated so you can now call in and refill all of your prescriptions without ever talking to the pharmacy. You can even call and see if your prescription is ready for pick up. The automated phone part of a pharmacy helps to free up the staff to take care of the prescriptions as they do not have to help every caller that calls in. Many questions can be answered with the help of an automated system.

Another level of the automated pharmacy is dispensing the medications. These types of systems run by a barcode procedure which eliminates error and makes it safer for the patient as well as the pharmacy. You simply put the information into the computer and the system does the rest. It will print the labels complete with the barcodes and dispense the meds at the correct amount and dosage.

Many more patients are finding that this is a more efficient way of getting their meds dispensed and they feel safer as there is little room for human error. Their medications are double checked and it also cross references their allergies to ensure that they do not get a medication that they are allergic to or that will interfere with the current medications that they are taking.

Working in a pharmacy that is automated limits one from taking medications illegally. Often pharmacies are subject to people stealing pills so with an automated system this will not allow a person to take out the medication without the proper documentation and credentials. These systems will keep count of what was dispensed, who it was prescribed for and what is in stock making it hard for anyone to fool the system.

The automation of pharmacies is growing more and more popular as it is a fool proof safe method for taking care of many different types of drugs. No one wants the liability of dispensing the wrong medication or giving something to someone who is deadly allergic to the medication. The automated systems eliminate this possibility as the system double and triple checks everything before it dispenses the medication.

For information on what types of automated services are available for pharmacies you can check on the internet. You can see what your pharmacy has to offer you regarding your medications and their automated services.


January 18, 2008 - Posted by | Automation, Blogroll

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