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History of bloggers

“Webblogs” also known as “blogs” started appearing back in the year 1998. The name was given by Jorn Barger in 1997. Infosift, an information and web based magazine’s then editor, Jesse James Garrett, started building of websites that were based on the whole idea of Bloggers and Webblogs. After the compilation was complete, he send in the list to the then editor of CamWorld, Cameron Barrett and Cameron, then published it. Within the month of publishing the URLs Cameron started receiving other Links and URLs of websites that were similar. Jesse’s original list, which was supposedly completed in the year 1999, contained 23 websites.

Within the next four months, a community of bloggers, sprang up. The name Bloggers and Webblogs, originates from Peter Merholz, who proclaimed Camerons’ list to be a collection of ‘wee-blog’ and immediately the word was shortened to “blog” with the webblog editor being known as a ‘logger’. This encapsulates the basic History of Bloggers.

After the terms ‘blogger’ and ‘webblogs’ caught on, people from all over the world jumped in and starting writing and creating webblogs or shortly put, people started ‘blogging’. Today, there are so many of them, that its’ hard to track them and/or read them, for that matter.
Today, many webbloggers and other ‘experts’ on blogging, have stated some standards that a “Blog” is suppose to adhere to, and which site can be called as a webblog or a blog. In 1999, the only standard that covered a webblog, was that these websites need to have had dated entries or dated content, which still prevails today too.

By the year-end of 1999, there were many who proclaimed their websites to be blogs. This phenomenon was further given impetus by the introduction of ‘Pitas’, the first ‘Create your own blog’ website. After the introduction of Pitas, there were scores of people who jumped in, on to the I-am-a-Blogger bandwagon. In 2000-2001, the bandwagon became an explosion of sorts, with corporate and other domain owners trying to market and use blogs and bloggers for capitalization.
Within no time,, now owned by and also known as,, and other popular ‘brands’ of webblogs came up, each one of them with their own pros & cons and offers. Today, nearly 3/4th of the world blogs on topics from books to kitchen ware, bloggers today discuss ideas, have meetings and generally get around to getting their tasks done using webblogs.

This entails the whole History of Bloggers.


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