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Energy automation systems

Have you heard the projections about the higher energy rate and consumption resulting in financial turmoil? Think also, about what you’ve been hearing about the impact on the earth’s natural resources. It’s a lot to take in, but there is something anyone can do about it. Not all people will be able to donate cash, time, or other personal resources to a cause; there are infinite options and approaches available to decrease individual landfill use, and resource consumption. Each choice would put into practice and Energy Automation System. What is an Energy Automation System? It is anything that can become a part of daily life; either through routine, or structural adjustment that will maximize energy use while minimizes energy output needed.

Mirrors are a vital and strategic ally for an energy aware household. With some planning, and forethought a mirror can be positioned in a way that will maximize the natural light available to a given room. By utilizing the advantage given by a mirror the efficient use of lighting will minimize an energy bill and create an energy automation system that is convenient and simple to develop. A valuable tip to consider while designing a room with plants is that if the plant is placed near a mirror, it will behave as well as if it were at a window. This will give an effective illusion of greater space, greenery and comfort, which will add to the room’s ambiance.

Another simple energy automation system that can be put into daily practice applies to the laundry. When the laundry is moved directly from a washer to a dryer, often people will use the highest setting and let the dryer work overtime to dry the clothing. A better option to this would be to separate each article of clothing as the transfer is made, thus giving the dryer more surface space to work with, and less work to do. By doing this, a lower dryer setting would be appropriate and effective. An added bonus to this is that by using the lower dryer settings the clothing will not shrink noticeably, or quickly in any one load.

The clothes dryer can become advantageous in another way. Dryer vent converters are available in most hardware stores. What is a dryer vent converter? It converts the air being pumped out by your dryer into your home. This divergence from the normal push the heated air outside will make better dollars and sense during the cold winter months. When considering the use of a converter keep one important factor in mind, should you live in a home that sees mold, mildew, sweating windows, or frosting windows often then you are likely not in the most ideal environment for a dryer converter. Pumping the moist hot air from the dryer into such a home would facilitate further problems, and increase overall costs in the end.


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