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The caribbean

The Caribbean is that region of the earth which consists of the Caribbean sea, Islands in that sea and is surrounded by north America in north and north-west and by south America in south. The Caribbean is often referred to as West Indies. But reality is that the Caribbean is a group of islands and the lesser Antilles is called as West Indies. In south the Caribbean is surrounded by countries like Venezuela and Mexico. Each island is different from other in shape and orientation.
As I have stated earlier West Indies is one of its parts; the islands are divided into following groups: the Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas. In October 1492, Christopher Columbus approached to a small island of the Caribbean and called it San Salvador. Columbus was under impression that he had reached the Asia (India). And up till he lived he believed to have discovered the Asian region and Indies but actually he had discovered the Caribbean.
A few thinkers believed that the Bahamas are not the part of the Caribbean but now there is no confusion regarding their belonging to the Caribbean . It is a group of 700 islands located at north coastal region of the Caribbean Sea. Only 30% of the Bahamian Islands are livable. The Greater Antilles; in South of the Bahamas are the largest islands of the Caribbean. The Greater Antilles consists of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Hispaniola. Most of the area of the Greater Antilles is covered by rain forests. Heavy rainfall due to presence in the Ecuadorian region has made the land fertile and lush green.
When the people of the Britain, France and Holland came to know about the new found land of the Caribbean they joined the party with Spanish, already there. The reason of showing such an interest and curiosity was that they wanted to exploit the natural resources of the new found land of the Caribbean. The fact that the culture at the Caribbean is very different from anywhere else in the world holds true because of the arrival of different cultured people from all over the world.
But the Caribbean also faced the evil acts of the newcomers to exploit the land resources and slavery for establishment of sugar plants. People from West Africa were brought to the Caribbean. But as the time traveled the states of the Caribbean are now becoming hot spot for tourism. And people from rest of the world are appreciating and enjoying the Caribbean culture and environment.


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