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Soccer goalkeeper gloves

The goalkeeper is that member of the football team who is found into a goal along the game, having as purpose the hindering of goals marking towards the opponent team. He is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands, but only in his interior square of 16 centimeters. The “small” square of 6 meters is considered the “protection” area of the goalkeepers and the goalkeeper intervention over the small square is sanctioned with free kick.

Gloves for goalkeepers – Starting with the 1970s, any goalkeeper had to wear gloves, although there were known the advantages of these gloves. At the end of the 19th century, people had made in England a pair of hidden gloves, for goalkeepers. These gloves were covered with a coating of natural rubber, having as purpose, protection, and amortization.
What does a goalkeeper expect from his gloves?

On the one hand they have to assure the hands protection and on the other hand to contribute to the acquirement of an adherence towards the ball. In the progressing period of these gloves, there were used various materials combinations with the purpose to obtain this adherence. Obviously, they must protect the goalkeeper’s hands against shock and bangs with the ball. For this purpose it is necessary an adequate facing of the gloves. Still they must be careful that the glove does not be too large in comparison with the hand. Besides, it must be careful with the hand anatomy so that palm and fingers to move well. A very important problem is the finger return in the hand direction. This must be stopped through adequate protectors or other constructive measures. A goalkeeper glove must be durable to wear. The wear through rubbing can be very emerging depend on the place condition and of the kicks numbers of the opponent team.

All these show that the requirements concerning the goalkeeper gloves of football are not too strict. It seems to be a “simple” product which can be realized easier, but is not so.
For the moment, we do not find a standard for the goalkeeper football gloves. However, in Germany the experts think how this actual situation can be changed. They are agree with the fact that the goalkeeper football gloves, with their protective action constitute an equipment of personal protection at the time of Directive 89/686/CCE happening.
A suitable standard would establish the adequate technical parameters.


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