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Fifa 2008 for the ps 3

The Playstation 3 is the newest generation of gaming consoles being produced and one of the favorite games, FIFA 2008, is one of many that have been made to play on this system. As one of the two main football – or soccer if you are in America – video games available, gamers are expecting it to be a bigger and better version of last years game. So far, it seems to be very lacking. While the game is still missing some of the major franchises and teams, most players feel that 2008 is a step back towards the quality of a few years ago.

Some of the issues that are still clouding the game are problems with adjusting to defense, punts from the goalies, lack of control, and the disappointment with the way the artificial intelligence doesn’t pick the moves a gamer just figured out. Making the same trick shot that was learned against the computer against a human doesn’t really seem to work. While the pitch plays are still good and accurate, one or two of them are still frustratingly difficult and not worth the time and effort it take to perfect.

Not everything about FIFA 2008 for the PS3 is bad. New modes of play have been added for gamers to enjoy, including being able to play their favorite player during one game. There are new camera angles as well, but some of them make it more difficult to play the game until one gets used to them. While playing in the ‘Be A Pro’ mode (which will need to be added via a patch in the game as it has not been released yet), player must remember to take into consideration that everything they do on the playing field can have positive and negative effects on their game, just like in real life.

This new version of the game allows players with the capability to upload videos to EA Sports website, and play in interactive leagues online. 2008 offers gamers 576 licensed teams, thirty official leagues, and 15,000 players for gamers to pick and choose. It also offers thirty-five sanctioned tournaments and twenty-five unsanctioned ones as well as the ability for the gamer to make their own with up to twenty-four teams participating.

The Manager Mode is still top notch as well as a Lounge Modes, the same as the 2007 version. The graphics are high quality and well produced. The sound is a bit lacking as the crowds are not as loud as in previous years. Anyone who watched European football knows that their fans are not a quiet bunch by a long shot and that energy level is not well represented in this version of the game.


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