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Euro 2008 qualifier group

There is a little over six months before the Euro 2008 football championships kicks off in Basel, Switzerland on June 7, 2008. This year, the rules changed so that the top team and runner-up in each group made it on to the final championship tournament. Not counting Austria and Switzerland’s teams – as they are the hosts for the tournament – fourteen other teams made it to move closer to getting that Euro 2008 trophy.

While trying to decide exactly which three teams out of those twenty-four are the top in their game, one must look at a variety of factors, such as how many games the won, draw or lost in, how many goals were scored for the team and how many against, and how many total points were gained over the course of the qualifying competitions. When you eliminate the runner-ups and only concentrate on the winners, the seven that are left are so close in their point spreads that it’s very difficult to make that final call.

Of course Greece is probably the top team, having scored thirty-one total points in their qualifying round. They get to go up against Sweden, Spain and Russia in the group round of the final competition. It is interesting to note here that Spain was another winning team, come out with twenty-eight overall points, with twenty-three goals scored for them and only eight scored against them.

If one wants to judge the teams based on their statistics alone, Croatia would probably be the next on in line. The scored a total of twenty-nine overall points in the qualifying matches, coming away with twenty-eight goals for and only eight against. They will be grouped up with Austria, Germany, and Poland. Austria is a host team, so their points are pretty much null and void as they were automatically in the finals. Poland, another group winner, scored twenty-eight overall points to move on.

The final team of what could be called the top three would be the Czech Republic. Tying Croatia, Italy, and Romania with twenty-nine overall points, they won nine of their games, tied two and lost only one, scoring twenty-seven goals for the team and only giving up five for the opponent. They are going up against Switzerland, Portugal and Turkey.

Romania, while tying with Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Italy with twenty-nine overall points, won nine games, tied two and lost one. They scored twenty-six goals for the team and seven against. Italy scored twenty-two goals for and nine against.


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