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Democracy in the caribbean

Democracy is a word that means free will of the people being expressed in the government. A Government governed by Democracy will have the voice of the people heard and the governmental principles will be set by the voice of the majority in a democracy. However, the basic human rights of the minority will also be protected in a government run by democracy. In a democracy, there will be elections in 4 to 5 years where the eligible voters in that country will be able to vote and pick representatives that will represent their interests, ideas, and beliefs. Thus, a country governed by Democracy will have some sort of a Parliament. In addition, a democracy will have an elected official (a Prime Minister or a President depending on the type of the republic/Federation)

There are many countries in the world that are governed by democracy. Some countries as an example would be United States, England, France, Germany, Italy etc.. Although most of the Western countries are governed democratically, Democracy in the Caribbean is not a phrase that we can use easily. Unfortunately, the countries that are governed in the Caribbean have had a military dictatorship for years. Even the ones that are holding elections and electing a Parliament, unfortunately are having problems in their transition to Democracy.

Although almost all the countries in the Caribbean have been the colonies of major western powers like England, France and Spain; unfortunately democracy in the Caribbean has not taken a hold. The Spanish speaking countries like the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico have made some significant progress, but Cuba has been the anti-thesis of democracy in the Caribbean and in the whole world. In the French speaking region of the Caribbean, Haiti has been the focal point of turmoil in the Caribbean. Especially the military dictatorship that has ruled Haiti for decades have destabilized democracy in the whole Caribbean region. After the active intervention of the United States, Haiti has become much more stable and some semblance of democracy has returned to Haiti.

The Dutch speaking Surinam have also been riddled with a coup-de-tat and has struggled to return to democracy. Perhaps the only two countries that are symbols of democracy in the Caribbean are Jamaica and Puerto Rico. If you consider Puerto Rico as the Territory of the United States, then definitely, only Jamaica can be given as an example of long lived democracy in the Caribbean. However, in general, even with the influence of the United States, the Caribbean Region is far from achieving the level of democracy that Western countries enjoy today.


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  1. larry what is the future of demodrcay in the caribbean what are the problems and prospects of democracy for the entire caribbean region

    Comment by john | May 6, 2009 | Reply

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