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Poverty in the caribbean

There are so many people who died of hunger and lack of proper medical facilities. Many infants and their mother die because they don’t get proper medical care or they lack the same. The rate of dying is so high that according to United Nations in every 3 seconds a person dies of some disease or hunger. Unfortunately children die more often.
Although it seems that the world or at least a few parts of it not having enough food but the reality is entirely different. If we talk more specifically the poverty in the Caribbean is resulting into these unwanted deaths in that area. The problem of severe poverty in Latin American and Caribbean region restrict them to buy enough food to nourish them. As they are continuous improperly fed; resulting into loss of health and weaken body.
A fact about poverty in the Caribbean is that the poor are found every where; in developed and developing countries. Caribbean countries lack in infrastructure and may be considered as middle income countries as, per capita income is as less as a dollar a day. It is also worth telling that in some countries like Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, and in Barbados have less poverty than countries like Guyana, Haiti and Suriname.
Official and unofficial surveys have revealed the fact that how badly the poverty in Caribbean has affected the lives of the commons. Considering the basic requirements of healthy living like financing the food for the family, education and other must haves, the situation is not good in almost all the countries of the Caribbean. How severely does the poverty in the Caribbean has affected the lives there can be concluded from the fact that almost 63% of the population in Haiti and 61% in Suriname are living below poverty line. Whereas in countries like Belize, Grenada, Guyana, St. Kitts, Dominica, almost 35% – 45% of the total population is living below the poverty line.
These surveys not only depict the bad condition of the common people in these countries but also the unavailability of basic needs a human deserves. It also concludes that the poverty in the Caribbean countries is mostly found in rural areas.
Poverty eradication is a very long-term process in Caribbean. The governments have to concentrate on giving a boost to the rural economy to enable the poor to see the ray of hope. Otherwise all efforts would result into disappointing failure.


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