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Pirates of the caribbean

The “Golden Age of Piracy” was the beginning of colonial era in Caribbean. The great era of Caribbean piracy started in the 1560s and ended in the 1720s. Caribbean Sea which was thousands of miles away from European control was a haven for pirates who used to patrol the seas to steal. The Europeans could not afford to send the naval forces to these waters and hence in order to control the pirates, they issued “letters of marquee” which gave the private ships permission to attach ships that were from rival nations. The captains of these ships were called “privateers” and these legal pirates would turn over a portion of their loot to the government that was sponsoring them.

Piracy was flourishing in the Caribbean because of the British sea ports like Port Royal in Jamaica and the French activity at Tortuga. The Caribbean islands after being colonized became a center of European trade and this gave an incentive to pirates to be more active in the Caribbean Sea. Some of the most famous Caribbean pirates are Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, Edward Low, Bartholomew Roberts, Charles Vane, Stede Bonnet, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Most of these famous pirates were active during 1640 to 1680 and were feared by the people who traveled the seas. This was also the period when the pirates were more successful.

Buccaneers were pirates who were specific to the Caribbean. They arrived in the 1630s and were very active till the 1730s, which was the effective end of piracy. The decline of piracy in the 1730s was because of the increased activity of the naval forces in the Caribbean Sea. The British Royal Navy had a major hand to play in bringing the piracy era to an end. But there was one pirate who made his presence felt in the 20th Century. John Boysie Singh who was also known as “the Rajah” was a successful gangster and gambler. He then turned to murder and piracy and from 1947 to 1956 used to terrorize the waters that were between Venezuela and Trinidad.

Starting from the Early Seventeenth Century and through the golden Age of Piracy, pirates were one of the most feared people in and around the Caribbean. It took some cohesive naval force from the European countries to bring the era of piracy to an end. Pirates who had once controlled the waterways of the Caribbean have made a name for themselves in the History of the Caribbean.


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