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Wikipedia green peace

Wikipedia has a rather extensive entry on the Greenpeace organization, its history and its various facets. This is quite interesting because much like Greenpeace, Wikipedia has become an internet phenomenon in its own right, creating an interactive encyclopedia that allows anyone to add or change content to thousands and thousands of entries. Wikipedia’s influence comes from its user-generated, do-it-yourself approach, a kind of corollary to the ‘get out the vote’, grassroots campaign tactics that Greenpeace has used for decades. Wikipedia’s current entry on Greenpeace contains a list of its forty-two regional offices around the world, a potted history of the organization and the ‘green’ movement it inspired as well as a background on the personnel that made Greenpeace such a vast enterprise.

Much of the article relates various campaigns or “issues” (as members are known to call them) that Greenpeace has inspired over the years, including those that discourage whaling, toxic dumping on land and water, nuclear testing and production, seal clubbing, deforestation and climate pollution. Wikipedia also takes a somewhat generous perspective on the business side of Greenpeace, explaining the background and operational methods used by Canadian eccentric David McTaggart to fund and expand Greenpeace using a ‘multi-national’ business model. An itemized list of Greenpeace ships is also included in the wikipedia entry and a detailed account of their controversial status since 1978’s Rainbow Warrior was commissioned to combat high seas violations. According to Wikipedia, Rainbow Warrior engaged in numerous campaigns from ’78 to ’85 against industrial ships and fishing vessels, often times leading to direct non-violent contact. Rainbow Warrior was responsible for drawing international attention to the Greenpeace cause, says Wikipedia, because images of these oceanic confrontations often became front-page news around the world. The Rainbow Warrior met a rather violent end when French agents destroyed the ship during a Southeast Asian campaign against nuclear testing, claims Wikipedia. From there other ships were commissioned, including the Rainbow Warrior II, the MV Sirius, the MY Arctic Sunrise, the MY Esperanza, the Argus and the Beluga II.

To its credit, Wikipedia also has a separate entry devoted to Greenpeace criticism, including details on the rival splinter group Greenaction, founded by Bradley Angel in 1997. While the section is not nearly as informative or well researched as the original entry, Wikipedia has taken some pains to formulate a dual-sided approach to Greenpeace that allows for separate voices to survey the large environmental organization.

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