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Timbaland release

For many millions of fans around the world a Timbaland release is always a breathtaking moment. This producer has somehow managed to combine a meaningful expression with sounds that keep pushing the limits. There are no boundaries and the fans find this element of surprise in a Timbaland release exciting. People from all walks of life find his rhythms and productions intoxicating. His music is exactly what he wants it to be.

Timbaland’s ability to dig deep has made his creative interpretation almost mystical. People from Africa hear African. People from South America hear Latino. People from Asia listen against the notes. People from Europe and North America are blown away. Timbaland releases are huge events that fans wait for with enormous enthusiasm. This composer of music is an American who is respected by his peers and fans alike.

Timbaland is a musician appreciated as a versatile thinker who can go beyond the urban and hip hop that is the foundation of his expression. He takes on new concepts without any fear of repercussions. With a Timbaland release is a bold display of the creativity that has made this man famous. There are many who believe Timbaland is an artiste, who at times, is a man born before his time.

However, it is this kind of pushing the boundaries of time and even space that is portrayed in Timbaland’s musical arrangements. The music enriches the lives of countless fans. It is an outstanding example of fearless experimentation that will encourage other up and coming producers and musicians to lead the way. Timbaland is himself a unique individual. For a man who is so creative he is incredibly disciplined in his personal life.

Timbaland lives according to a strict regime of bodybuilding and diet. He is a man who understands what works for him. His method of living life has proved to work exceedingly well. Not only does he continue to provide a Timbaland release on course but his music business expands for the good of his label. Mosley Music is a haven for the most successful and emerging talents.

Some of the artistes whose careers were defined the moment they performed their own Timbaland releases:

* Destiny’s Child
* Missy Elliot
* Snoop Dog
* Gunuwie
* Aaliyah

The Timbaland influence has played an important role in bringing other talent to the fore. A Timberland release from each and every artiste is expectantly awaited by a vast number of fans. The versatility of Timbaland is what keeps everybody wondering what is coming next.


January 15, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland

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