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Timbaland album

What the world thrives on today is the beats that come about in music. The music industry in today’s world is making millions and billions of money from artists such as Timbaland. Timbaland has come out with many different albums that many people enjoy and listen to everyday. Timbaland seems to be one of those singers/producers that everyone likes, maybe it is because of the extra bass that he applies to all of his songs or maybe it is his words, whatever reason you have for liking Timbaland then we must say that you have good taste. You should prepare yourself to learn about Timbalands article, take out a pen and take notes if you need because within this article we are going to tell you about Timbalands Albums.

Lets start with one of Timbalands Albums that he was the producer of and it actually got nominated for a award for being the best R&B album in 2004, this album was called ” Afrodisiac is the fourth album that is by the R&B singer known as Brandy. This album was primarily produced by Timbaland and had some additional production work done from Warryn Campbell, Walter Millsap, Ron Feemster and Kayne West. Although this album was nominated in 2004 it was actually one of Brandy’s lowest selling albums to date.

Next lets talk about Justfied. Justified is also an album that was produced by Timbaland. The album known as Justified is performed by the old Nsync lead singer that many know as Justin Timberlake. In 2004 Justified was nominated for album of the year.

Now lets talk about an album that Timbaland actually sung is. This next album up for discussion is by Timbaland and Magoo and it is called “Welcome To Our World.” This album has explicit lyrics and is not recommended for those young listeners but it can be a fun album with a nice beat for those mature individuals. With the album “Welcome To Our World” there are a lot of individuals that say the songs on this album sound the same except for the song called Luv 2 Luv U. In this album Timbaland does have some pretty catchy beats but the lyrics and the raps in this album are pretty weak.

Now you have it, two albums that Timbaland produced then one album that Timbaland sung it. It is now up to you to decide if you like these albums or not but remember, you can’t go judging a book by its cover; you have to read it first.


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