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The pros and cons of green peace

The Green Peace organization has been around for decades, campaigning against everything. From what tissues you use, to the underwater life of the ocean; but as good of a cause as Green Peace is, there are some set backs that the public deal with in order for Green Peace to get its point across.

Although the corporation means well, they have made just as many enemies as friends. Most of there campaigns are justified and make perfect sense, such as fighting tearing down our rain forests, or preventing people from harming the ocean and its inhabitants. But sometimes you have to wonder where to draw the line. The protesters go out with their hearts in the right place when they begin a protest. When they reach there destination, they don picket signs and banners, screaming there messages to anyone who will listen. But they also disrupt many people and many things in the process.

Just ask yourself. Is air travel more important then saving the lives of innocent creatures endangered in a forest? The people trying to catch there plane on time don’t seem to think so. There have been complaints that, although it is for a good cause, the Green peace incorporation has been flanking people as they are boarding their planes, begging them to take the train instead. Some facts have been dug up by corporations against this particular cause, stating that other forms of transportation, such as car’s, trains and ferry’s, emit more harmful gases for the environment than most planes.

I do agree that it is for a good cause, considering that air pollution is a big problem, and planes contribute to that. But screaming at bystanders as they are trying to walk by does not help the situation. If anything, it only discomforts the person, and makes them not want to listen to what the protesters have to say. I say start screaming at the industries making the planes, and try finding a better solution.

In Green Peaces’ defense, they have done much good over the years. Helping as much as they can, whenever they can, or whenever someone had an ear to listen. They have tried to stop countless forests from being torn down, and they have worked hard to prevent the inhabitants of the ocean from being whipped out by many types of pollution and hunters. But I must admit that sometimes they get too pushy with the points they want to get across, and instead of helping their cause, they only hinder it. Many of the corporations in charge of gas emissions would gladly listen to what the Green peace incorporation has to say if they would only change there tactics on some issues.

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  1. we dont scream at people :/

    Comment by greenwill | March 28, 2009 | Reply

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