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Soccer goal announcer

Many adults remember with nostalgia moments of their childhood when their fathers used to watch soccer games and to roll on the floor laughing at uttering mistakes of soccer goal announcers. They even formed in their minds some stereotypes related to these persons more precisely they have been considered unable to speak fluently and most of the times lacking competence and criticized. However, if one thinks better, it is not very easy job to comment a soccer match and to announce the score of the game. Soccer goal announcers must have real qualities in order not to become ridiculous for viewers. Sometimes they are rewarded by different prices in order to motivate them. Anyway, you must have special talent to be able to comment perfectly and memorably a soccer game.
First, they must have a unique voice and their discourse must always be fresh and expressive. Besides they have to be passionate by soccer even addict to it in order to attract spectators and to introduce them into the magic world of this game. For example they must really master sort of drama approaches because they must be happy when a team wins or sad when other team loses and they must manifest their enthusiasm in a viral manner.
To continue with, it is well known that some soccer goal announcers use rough language and are not at all ashamed being heard by millions of supporters. On the other hand, other soccer goal announcers are symbols of decency in a world of sport governed by violence. If a soccer goal announcer has the sense of humor, television managers can be sure that their program will have maximum rating because people are attracted to funny and witty soccer goal announcers. However, some of them are boring and absent minded. They are aware that they must say something, therefore they begin to tell stories related to different aspects in the football players lives or to previous events so that they sometimes miss the moment when a player scores.
To continue with, a soccer goal announcer must know a little human psychology. For example, in an international game, when your favorite team loses, something strange may happen. You can lose your temper and do something regrettable like dropping your TV set out of the window in the happiest case…However, if the soccer goal announcer is able to send you a reassuring message during such moments of crises maybe your TV can be saved…


January 15, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Euro 2008

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