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Luxury food gourmet gift baskets

France seems to be the native country of delicious food and of lovers as well. We cannot talk anymore just about love and sacrifice as literary concepts, but also about romance in every aspect of life in France.

Some people say that love passes first through somebody’s stomach, therefore luxury food baskets would be nice ideas for gifts. Well, French people have not found only a solution for those women who want to make their husbands fall in love with them again, but they have found the perfect one: combining their feelings with a teaspoon of useful ingredients and a cup of extravagant ideas, apart from gourmet gift baskets and they have already done it all!

Croissant, cheese, escargot, nougat… which are the words that could describe better the French culture and way of living and why not a luxury gourmet gift basket, if they are not hidden behind gastronomy with its specific steps of eating and cooking slowly with kindness and earnestness, in the same way they probably love someone. Long before the word ‘sommet’ would have been pronounced near other smaller countries, France sent its most sophisticated cooks and French businessmen who’ve opened pastries, coffee houses and restaurants, practising French culinary art all over the world and offering ideas for luxury gift baskets.

Moreover, everybody knows that French kitchen is complex, inconstant and extremely varied, in the same manner in which just a country with royal heritage of centuries may have. What other nation, would ever dare to make combine a duck’s meat, for example, with exotic fruits and plants, in the same luxury gift basket?

You don’t have to give an answer to this question, because the connections between label, the royal court’s customs and gastronomy are not accidental it is said that French kitchen was born because of Italian Catherina de Medici’s caprices, who didn’t like the taste of her husband, Henry the Second cooks’ dishes. Consequently, she brought specialists from her native country who knew that a dish’s taste have not to be hidden, but emphasized by using ingredients and spices.

Nowadays, French culinary art has spread almost everywhere and it is, no doubt, a good thing and an opportunity to offer wonderful food gift baskets. However, as we know that good things are generally asking for a quite long time, we may say that when cooks are preparing French dishes, they do not wonder what time is it, and a main reason for this is that they face complicated dishes and exacting customers.

However, food is the one that can tell more about the French culture and lifestyle. When they have their dishes brought towards them, you can read the relish on their faces. Each of them looks in the other’s plate, taste from each other and then eat slowly, enjoying every morsel. Therefore, there is no wonder why are the cooks so hard working for a dish, when they are so highly gratified.

French gastronomy is precious, not only for the most unimaginable ingredients but also for the feelings that each dish involves, feelings of delight for being appreciated, gratefulness for someone who was preoccupied for your welfare and last but not least the most important ingredient, love, which can be expressed via a luxury gourmet gift basket.


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