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Handmade luxury gift boxes

If you are bored with the old and usual gift boxes, you can find out that handmade gift boxes are wonderful and they can be even very luxurious and you can wrap gifts in a very special way. A luxurious gift: Glue artificial flowers made of fabric and dry forest fruits to the lid of the gift box. If you choose to make an arrangement with red ornaments and the box with a dark red shade, the result will be so beautiful that you will not want to unwrap the present ever. Out of this idea, you can make different combinations: roses, amaryllis and always-green twigs or glass globes. Don’t forget that the arrangement must be done separately and then tied or glued to the box’s lid in order to be used again.
Stylish arrangement:
The gift box in tint colors best fits neutral color ribbons, fern embellishing, fir twigs, or sylvan fruits. A wire basket, in general used for placing fresh culled fruits, still has a place in our homes: it is the perfect spot for placing small gifts.
Personalized gift boxes:
Use your computer and printer in order to make an unusual wrapping paper for your gift box; you can write holiday wishes, poetry or any other season text. This paper will be perfect for wrapping small, but precious gifts.
A small treasure:
Even a small gift will look big and valuable if, wrapped in usual paper; you will tie it up in shiny, thick, color matched ribbon. You can attach to the ribbon a note with the gift’s recipient, a short wishing, or a holiday poem. In this way the wrapping will become personalized and colorful.
The wrapping paper for the handmade gift box neutral colors will be “brought to life” by silky ribbons, in red or green shades. Each bow must be pointed out with the help of dry oak, fir or any other always-green species twigs, artificial flowers, or dry fruits.
Like a candy box:
It seems that nothing looks better and creates a better impression than a classical combination of red-white. The paper must be white or with a cream-color shade and may be shiny or flat. Other necessary materials are: a thick and shiny paper bow and a red satin ribbon. This idea fits also the gift-wrapping on Valentine’s Day or any anniversary.
Boxes and special effect:
Special packages, wrapped in vibrating colors are the first to be opened and they give charm and even glow to the tinniest gifts under the tree. The lower part of the handmade luxury gift boxes must be wrapped in a single color paper (each box in a different color); for the lid use some scissors and some staples to pierce them, then stick ribbons instead of a handle.
Candy boxes:
A simple plastic, transparent box may be transformed into a special gift box within minutes. You need just some corrugated paper and about 1 meter of ribbon. Wrap up the box in paper and then tie it up with the ribbon; the margins must be fastened in a fanciful ribbon.


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