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Green peace tree protection

When you hear someone say ‘Protect the trees!’ or ‘Protect the rainforest!’ it often falls on deaf ears. We have been hearing these expressions for so long, and so frequently, that it often falls into background noise, and goes on ignored. Though we ignore the cries for help, we have no problem using trees every day. Trees are in the mailbox in the morning. Trees are in morning newspaper that we read over coffee. Trees are even in our bathrooms. We use trees every day, and we don’t think twice about what we are actually doing. I mean, when you blow your nose, are you thinking “Gee, I wonder how many trees it took to make this tissue?”

But The Green Peace Organization is not deaf; they hear the forests pleas loud and clear.
The Green Peace Incorporation has been fighting many issues through the decades, one of which is the extinction of the rainforests. Green Peace tree protection sees that there are limited forests left on this planet, with many species of animals and plant life that could become extinct.

One of the most recent protests the Green peace tree protection program is fighting has to do with something you use every day. What could it be? You ask; Kleenex and toilet paper. That’s right. Green Peace has been following the Kleenex Company around the globe, as they shoot commercials for the product. In truth, it takes around 90 years for a forest to grow one box of Kleenex tissues. Think about that every time you blow your nose.

The Green peace Tree Protectors have also been fighting other major corporations, such as SFK Pulp, because the company has been tearing down the Boreal forest in order to make their product. The Arctic Sunrise, a boat used by the Green Peace Incorporation, was seen making a barricade outside Quebec, in order to block the ship Jaeger Arrow from reaching its destination of Europe. On board the ship were tons and tons of pulp, made from the destruction of the Boreal Forest in Canada.

Trees are in our every day ordinary actions. We use trees for everything, but some companies abuse the use of trees. And now the forests are becoming extinct. The Green Peace tree protection program is doing everything in there power to stop the extinction of our rain forests and the forests natural resources. For more information, log on to

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