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Green peace fair hulver farm

Greenpeace held its annual Waveney Greenpeace Fair on September 2, 2007 on the farm of Paul and Sue Watkin, also known as Hulver Farm. Hundreds upon hundreds attended the fair and a great time was had by all. Second only to Glastonbury in the annual money raised for Greenpeace, the Greenpeace Fair is a huge all-day and all-night event staged near Bungay, England for families, activists, scientists and anyone interested in changing the environment and having a good time. There are three stages erected throughout Hulver Farms for numerous musical acts but Greenpeace claims one of the sound-systems is actually run by a cyclist on an exercise bike and/or powered by solar energy. No gas generators are allowed on the grounds. Concessions include all organic foods and biodegradable plates and cups.

Hulver Farm raises more than 15,000 pounds sterling annually during the Greenpeace Fair. One of the chief reasons for the fair is, of course, to raise ecological awareness and present new ideas on energy conservation and eco-friendly waste disposal. Hulver Farms is an important site for Greenpeace coordination and community. And it’s also the site of constant research and development for Greenpeace. But probably not in the way you might think. Hulver Farms became the ‘dumping’ ground for thousands of Ecosan toilets built at the Watkin farm to show patrons the newest developments in sustainable sanitation disposal. Watkins and Adam East joined up with Greenpeace to develop these Ecosan toilets and present them en masse specially for the fair. The Ecosan or urine-diverting toilet provided an amazing alternative to the traditional toilet in that it used natural products like hay to divert and absorb human waste into treatable nutrients. It must have been odd even for die-hard environmental activists to see their water closets removed for litter boxes and bales of hay. Though some patrons remarked they were certainly the cleanest toilets they’d ever seen and could easily beat any pub loo they had had the displeasure of occupying. And with Watkins and Easts’ ingenuity the waste in human waste was used in treating the hay to produce ‘long straw’, a product that, according to Greenpeace, is used in building thatched houses and other structures. The event was such a success for Greenpeace that plans are already in the works to stage next year’s fair at Hulver Farms as well. Surely by then thousands more who have heard of this unique and informative event will attend and discover what other great projects Greenpeace will present next.


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  1. Hi, would it be possible for us to add your post about Green Peace at Hulver Farm to our blog, as it is of local interest. Kind regards Nigel

    Comment by Nigel Bedingfield | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Nigel
    You are more than welcome to add the post to your blog.
    I am glad the the article is of use to you.
    All the best.

    Comment by larry50 | January 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi, at the Waveney Greenpeace Fair I run the stage called the Human dynamo where a cyclist provides energy, but it’s not an exercise bike as stated in your article, it’s a pushbike linked to the bladeless hub of a 12 volt, 300 watt wind generator. A fit cyclist can generate over 100 watts to charge the 12 volt battery which powers the system. The sound system uses a powerful 12 volt stereo car amplifier to drive mid/top speakers on one channel, and a beefy bass speaker on the other channel. A battery-powered mixing desk enables a total of 10 instruments/microphones to be amplified, though nobody has yet used the mixer to capacity. The sound quality is excellent and there’s never a shortage of people to pedal the bike, they really enjoy it.

    Comment by tom foxe | July 5, 2008 | Reply

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