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Green peace canada

The Green Peace Organization has many different branches in many different parts of the world. Branches in the UK, United States and Canada fight and protest many issues. The Canadian Branch protests many issues that need to be exposed, such as nuclear testing. Recently they shouted out about nuclear testing in Russia, where the second largest nuclear disaster in history took place. Many people in towns surrounding the disaster point have suffered for decades; from birth defects and mutations, to radiation exposure. They protest because we do not need nuclear weaponry in our lives. Why have such a destructive thing if all it does is cause pain and anguish.

Recently, activists for Green Peace Canada have sent the ship ‘Arctic Sunrise’ to stop a ship carrying coal from getting to Lake Erie. They even painted the words “No Coal. No Nuclear. Clean Energy” on the ships hull to convince Ontario Politicians to stop nuclear waste. The organization also sent the “Arctic Sunrise” to stop the ship “Jaeger Arrow” from transporting tons and tons of pulp through Quebec’s Saguenay River and on to Europe.

This organization has been around for decades, and they are not going any where. Corporations all over the globe will not be able to escape the voices of Green Peace. And there voice is loud and clear. They fight for what they believe, in hopes that someday the corporations and leaders will come to their senses. It will be a hard journey, but no one ever said change was easy.

The Green Peace organization has 5 million members, and that number grows everyday. They are just trying to make the world a better place, a better place for humans, animals and plant life. The main goal of the Green Peace organization, in any country, Is to help make the Earth better as a whole. That is why the protest deforestation, and nuclear testing, and global warming. Many people believe that global warming does not exist, be that as it may, what does it hurt to try to make the Earth a better place? I say good for them, and their cause.

The Green Peace Organization in Canada is doing the same thing the rest of the branches are doing, fighting. Not one branch is better or worse than the other, because they are all fighting for the same cause. That cause is to do better, be better, for the sake of humans, animals and the environment.


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