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Timberland concert

Are you arranging plans on going somewhere for fun? Try going to a Timberland concert, which is a lot of fun and many ways, the one. Many rappers get up on stage and have a fun time rapping away. Many people like there being a lot of rappers at the concert.

The timberland concert is a very good concert that there is many people that come to it during their tours they have. This band is known for there nice beat and a lot of nice sounds. There is very much a lot of rhythm that is added to the songs making it more likely to keep you enjoying the song more. This is some nice R&B if you’re a fan of these type of songs, then you need to go to one of their concerts they have. They all have plenty of music and you get you moneys worth. People like to go to concerts with a lot of performance. Being that it’s produced by timberland then there will be no problem with the concert.

Timberland is the music producer so with him being the recording producer the concert will have plenty of sounds and plenty of famous named rappers. Timberland is very famous with performing with other people making him know what is going on. Timberland is also a bass guitar player who has many beats and he does add a lot of bass to the songs. There are many examples of his work on his web site, which is his name.

There are many things that Timberland did to make him where he is today. Lots of training and a lot of practice listen to the music today. There are many songs he was successful with the song “sexy got back” with Justin Timberlake is a good one. There is also where 50cent, Justin Timberlake, and timberland that make a perfect song called timberland Ayo technology. Check that one out it’s perfect for a concert.

Timberland always has a number of rappers that hang around him and make the music be alive. All his music is lively making people want to buy it. Listening to it makes you feel like its worth it to sit and listen. Going to their concert is even better but you have to be quick about it or you might not have any tickets. Timberland concert is very worth going to see. There is a big chance that Missy Elliot will be there being they grew up as friends. There will be a lot more rappers there because he has preformed with many big rappers out there.


January 14, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Timbaland

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