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Timbaland indian flute

The Timbaland Indian Flute saga had interesting beginnings and endings. Timbaland made the decision to incorporate an entirely different sound into his overall production. As all his work could be labeled different, different for Timbaland would have to be extraordinary. The result was Timbaland Indian Flute and the production featured the artistes Sebastian and Raje Shwari.

Fans were delighted by this interesting combo of talents under the lead of the super-producer himself. Timbaland, ever on the alert for new sources of inspiration was keen to go east. He did it with the sound of a flute and the natural ability of his featured artistes. The ever generous Timbaland has a heart for emerging talent. He made certain that the world got to hear the sound of Timbaland Indian flute.

In return, the world loved Timbaland. India Flute was a new experience for many music lovers and they couldn’t get enough. The featured artiste, Raje Shwari displayed all the specialized features of an east /west heritage. Shwari is able to exploit these two influences to the fullest without sounding forced. Timbaland helped things along by using his own special effects to pull it all together.

Shwari is an American. Her family, are originally from Gujarat in India. Her Philly, Pennsylvanian upbringing melded with her Indian heritage. The result is a distinctive sound, picked up by the vigilant Timbaland. Indian Flute under his direction flowed naturally from Shwari’s repertoire. An eclectic musical experience was born from the collaborative efforts on this song.

If a definition could be placed on Shwari it would be as an R&B and Indian music singer. This talented person is also a meaningful songwriter. Timbaland provided her with the opportunity to flourish. He signed her up with Beat Club Records. This is known as a haven of creativity for artistes and performers. However, Shwari did not renew her contract with Bet Club Records. She cited her reasons for this were due to ‘differences’.

It was noted that in the musical video of Timbaland Indian Flute, Shwari was nowhere to be seen. It had been agreed that in the video she would be the main featured artiste alongside Timbaland and Magoo. The video appearance did not take place because of contractual differences. Shwari also did not make any public appearance to promote the Timbaland Indian flute. Even so, her fans still love her and the world bought Indian Flute. It is still a much talked about Timbaland song.


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