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Songs timbaland produced

Timbaland is regarded as a highly creative and talented human being. He has an extraordinary ear for music. This natural talent is exhibited time and again in the hit songs Timbaland produced with such ease. It is without a doubt that this exceptional talent owes a debt of gratitude to Missy Elliot. She was responsible for recognizing Timbaland’s enormous potential very early on in his career. It could be said that in return, Missy Elliot owes Timbaland a great deal. The songs Timbaland produced for her have been smash hits.

Timbaland is currently working with Madonna. Her new album will be released in 2008 and will feature songs Timbaland produced. The newly released music mixing game Beaterator is songs Timbaland released. The list of musicians and artists that Timbaland has worked with is an exceptionally long list. He is a producer who seems to understand the creative flavor of each of the talents he has collaborated with. It does appear that everything Timbaland touches turns to gold.

Beaterator is not the only music mixing game songs Timbaland produced. Earlier in 2005, he did a song on the Tweet. In the same year two songs Timberlake produced were to be heard on Missy Elliot’s album called The Cookbook. She was not the only singer and performer to benefit from the genius of Timberland. The adored Jennifer Lopez got Timbaland’s special touch on Joy, Party time and He’ll Be Back. These songs Timbaland produced were featured on her fifth studio album called Rebirth.

The phenomenal success of all the songs Timbaland produced led him to start a brand new label. It was the older Beat Club Records label that gave birth to the new Mosley Music Group. Timbaland immediately signed up DOE, Keri Hilson and Nelly Furtado. Some of the artistes that have benefited from songs Timbaland produced:

* Whitney Houston
* Young Jeezy
* Missy Elliot
* Snoop Dog
* JC Chasez
* Bjork
* Eve

It has become apparent that there is no stopping Timbaland. As a producer this thirty six year old man is in huge demand. Songs Timbaland produced has been for each individual atiste. He writes holistically and fans cannot separate the song from their idol. When thinking about singers and performers like Missy Elliot the rhythm and spaces of much of music is unique to her. Timberland has the ability to turn sound into an innovative experience.


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